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Soltopia’s Second ‘Blatant Cash Grab’ NFT Collection Sends SolBear Prices Plummeting

Soltopia’s plan to launch a second NFT collection and raise 100,000 SOL, just 3 days after raising 30,000 SOL from their first NFT launch, lit the fuse on an explosion of community anger. Second Time Unlucky Non-Fungible Token  (NFT)  project  Soltopia  sparked anger from its own community when the team announced plans to launch a second ‘cash grab’ NFT collection just days after the first. Following the successful launch of 10,000 ‘SolBears’ on  Solana  on Tuesday, the price of the cartoon teddies surged.  With the price floor (minimum unit price) of SolBears approaching 30 SOL, the project announced plans to launch 10,000 SolCats. The project also explained that unlike SolBears which were 3 SOL each to mint, SolCats would cost a far higher 10 SOL each.  ‘Liquidated all my "solbears" team is running some 2nd cash grab, idiots’ popular crypto trader, “Big Dog“ (@MoonOverlord) proclaimed on  Twitter . “Had the best PFP on solana and still decide to scam lol.”  The fury from th

Nigerian fashion labels and their love for nude lace gowns

  Has fashion design in Nigeria become safe and predictable with the usual nude lace gowns? Fashion designing has grown in leaps and bounds in Nigeria. In the past, our claim to fame was buying clothes from foreign labels. Name dropping famous labels like  Chanel, Gucci  and  Prada  gave people a sense of superiority. But with the 'buy Nigeria to grow the Naira' sentiment and the ingenuity and creativity of Nigerian designers, most people look around them before even thinking of buying clothes from foreign labels. Save a few popular shoes and bags, Nigerians, especially its celebrities are fully committed to their local fashion designers. Not just celebrities, you hardly hear of brides importing their weddings gowns but, this was the case some years ago. Unquestionably, Nigerian fashion designers always bring their A-game and make the most delectable wedding gowns. However, many of these designers are falling into a familiar routine in terms of fabric choice, structure, and des

National Nutrition Week: Five healthy ways for better menopause

  The natural suspension of a woman’s menstrual cycle that marks the end of fertility is known as menopause. It marks the end of periods as a hormonal milestone and though most women experience menopause by the age of 52, certain genetics, underlying conditions or pelvic or ovarian damage may cause sudden menopause earlier in life. As we mark National Nutrition Week in India in the first week of September, country’s leading nutrition and exercise science expert Rujuta Diwekar shared 5 ways for better menopause. Taking to her social media handle, Rujuta shared a video posted by her team on the third day of National Nutrition Week and spilled the beans on the 5 ways women can ensure a smooth and better menopause. Somya Gupta from Team Rujuta Diwekar revealed, “Do not follow any unsustainable diet around menopause which is limiting or restricts you from having rice, sugar etc and promises weight loss but cannot be followed for a long time.” She added, “This is because removing foods that