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Nigerian fashion labels and their love for nude lace gowns


Has fashion design in Nigeria become safe and predictable with the usual nude lace gowns?
Fashion designing has grown in leaps and bounds in Nigeria. In the past, our claim to fame was buying clothes from foreign labels. Name dropping famous labels like Chanel, Gucci and Prada gave people a sense of superiority.

But with the 'buy Nigeria to grow the Naira' sentiment and the ingenuity and creativity of Nigerian designers, most people look around them before even thinking of buying clothes from foreign labels.

Save a few popular shoes and bags, Nigerians, especially its celebrities are fully committed to their local fashion designers.

Not just celebrities, you hardly hear of brides importing their weddings gowns but, this was the case some years ago.

Unquestionably, Nigerian fashion designers always bring their A-game and make the most delectable wedding gowns.

However, many of these designers are falling into a familiar routine in terms of fabric choice, structure, and design.

It is always the same sad tale of nude nets overlay, shining add-ons, embellishment and designs on the outfit and a train.

At this point, it almost seems as though you can guess what celebrities would be wearing at an event.

Designers need to employ shape, structure, and experiments with different fabrics and some do.

Fashion labels should think of ways to manipulate the conventional structure of the dress and twerk it up with a unique design.

They need to make art with their fashion and pass a message with their designs but not in a flamboyant and unnecessarily loud way.

Certainly, nothing is wrong with using the usual nude net underlay and they are beautiful, but it has become overplayed, safe, and boring.

Fashion and style is about creativity, ingenuity and replaying and republishing old classic pieces.