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Thursday, April 1, 2021

All you need to know about MIDAS INVESTMENT


 I am sure a lot of you know about Midas, if you don’t know about them you can check it on coingecko (https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/midas), It is one of the leading alt currency reigning now. It is currently trading around $2 to $3.

 I started promoting this site on twitter and I found out that a lot of people want to do business with the company but they don’t really know what it is and how the company operates and how they can go about it, I don’t expect you to see this post and just glance through it but take your time to read it,  understand what it is all about, we can’t say maybe it will help your financial life in case you desire to have more investment opportunities. A lot  of testimonies around about how this investment help them get stable and consistent income, pay house bills, pay school fees, especially if you come from a low region like me in Africa here, this small money generated daily goes a long way for us here, the essence of you partnering with this company is not mainly because of their daily stipend they give to you, but because of the other  doors they open for you and allow you have access to, I am very sure if you are a real investor by the time you join this site you will see opportunities that will amaze you, I mean investment opportunities that you always want to have and that is always hidden to you or always come with a higher price, those investments doesn’t even have any security, you can’t trace their progress or anything about them, but still yet people invest with them out of no choice, but here you are presented with companies that are reputable, growing daily in their achievements, and you can also monitor their growth yourself, right in your room and also on your mobile devices,  all you need to know about this companies will be made known to you and also be available for you to partake in  . What you are about to see or read is real even if you still find it hard to believe, before you start, you have to have it at the back of your mind that you use money to make money, and that this type of investment is not a get rich quick scheme, it is not a Multilevel marketing but it is an investment that promises consistent income and can make you wealthy with time, especially if you are in the crypto space you will understand what I am talking about well.  The last thing I can tell you is that this company has come to stay, to better the life of people, what is remaining for us is to grab it and be financially free for life.  Now let me explain what the company is about!!


Midas Investments was Launched on 21/02/2018, Midas Investments is an investment platform for Proof-of-Stake and Masternode coins with a centralized exchange based in Russia. It supports OTC, receiving rewards while holding Masternode and Proof-of-stake coins.

I will further explain this by talking about what a masternode is

Masternode is defined as a governing hub in some cryptocurrency networks. It requires an initial collateral of tokens (or a “stake”) to operate. A node is defined as any computing device (computer, phone, etc.) that is maintaining a network.


Midas investment pegged their own Masternode/Initial collateral of token at 300 Midas. Currently as at today 26/11/2020 one Midas is trading at  $2.29. Remember you need 300 Midas to successfully do your proof of stake. You might ask again what is proof of stake?

Proof of Stake (PoS) concept states that a person can mine or validate block transactions according to how many coins he or she holds. This means that the more Bitcoin or alt coin owned by a miner, the more mining power he or she has.

Note that on their own site they call it Burn-out, so now I will be explaining in details how to do your Burn-out.


Burn-out is the second level of lock-in feature that allows you to receive dividends from the platform’s growth. Each time someone is activating Burn-out you receive a portion of it. The demand for Burn-out is backed up by additional utilities, such as regular airdrops.


Once you purchase Burn-out for 300 Midas, half of it is getting burned, reducing the total amount of Midas coins. 255 Midas is split between everyone, who purchased Burn-out before. Burn-out grants access to extra features that are not available to regular users. The amount of features will increase with further developments. Currently, airdrops will be distributed among Burn-out users.


You will receive lifetime payments  of each day,  for everyone who activated Burn-out afterwards, imagine you getting one Midas daily regardless of the price per day,  you will also have the ability to invite new users and earn from their Burn-out directly and lastly regular airdrops from new listed coins. You can start your Burn-out here with this link: https://midas.investments/burnout?p=LR0qenuNcu 


 You can purchase the instrument by Bitcoin using their Instant Buy features. It will generate address and BTC amount required . Just send it to the address and after one confirmation the feature will be unlocked. It is easier to purchase the whole amount, right away to activate both features.

You can also purchase their Instrument Midas on crex24.com if you have been using the trading site before and if you have not you can register there and trade your currency for Midas. Then after you go to your Midas account that you have registered using this link https://midas.investments/burnout?p=LR0qenuNcu   and locate the Burn-out section, click on it you will see activate burn-out, after clicking on the activate Burn-out you will see where they write Deposit Midas, Copy the address below it and go and paste it to your Crex24.com where you have exchanged for Midas or anywhere you have gotten the Midas. The most important thing is that, that is the address you will use. After your Midas has been sent, you will see it there, and then you can click on Burn-out. Instantly your balance will reflect 300 Midas, it means you have successfully done you Burn-out, from that moment you will see your Dividend flowing in.


Many people are still not aware of this amazing opportunity, and I can tell you that by the time they know about this, it might not be affordable for people again, I did mine recently when one Midas was around $2.7, so total amount I spent was around $700 plus, but I am grateful I did, while some people are lucky to be aware on time when it was still trading around less than a dollar, so if you are to ask that when is the right time to do this, it is now!!!

Now for those who wants to pay through BTC, you still have to click on the Bourn-out section and next click on activate Burn-out and click on the section that says Buy Midas for BTC, You will see the amount of Bitcoin you will pay, you can pay that exact amount or higher, it is still your money, that is not exactly what they charge you for 300 Midas, it is given there so that when you want to exchange you can have excess of bitcoin left even after exchanging it to Midas on their exchange site or buying from them directly. Copy the address and go and pay Bitcoin into that address, after you have deposited Bicoin into that address, you will have to wait for some time before the money will reflect, but definitely it will reflect, you don’t need to panic.

Now if you want to know if your Bitcoin have been deposited successfully, go to the platform section and click on it, at the extreme right uppermost part you will see the amount of Bitcoin you have there with the email you use to register.

Now to buy Midas with the Bitcoin you have there now, it is done in two ways, the first way is to go to their exchange on their platform and go and exchange Bitcoin for Midas or you Buy directly from them which is a little bit faster compare to exchanging it on their exchange platform, reason is because order got delayed there, it might take time before your order get filled.


If you decide to exchange on their platform and you know you can be patient till you see your order filled then I can assure you that you will see much gain, if you click on 100% fill for the Bitcoin you are having i.e if you deposited the amount they ask you to deposit or even more and you click on the current market price, you will see that the amount of Midas you will receive if the order get filled will be much higher at the end.

Now the Disadvantage is that it get really delayed and sometimes you end up with no choice than to buy from them directly when you see that the market is going higher and you have calculated yourself for the amount you want to spend to get the coin.


The advantage of buying from them directly is that they pay you very fast once you are able to pay the exact amount they want you to pay, you will have your 300 Midas.

 The disadvantage is that it is very expensive compare to exchanging on their platform.

Now to buy from them directly, you will have to repeat the process we talked about before, go to the Burn-out section on the site, click on it, next is click on activate and next is click on Buy Midas for BTC and scroll down you will see Buy Midas, because you now have Bitcoin in your wallet you will see the amount of Bitcoin you have where you will see the Bitcoin logo and the amount of Bitcoin you will bay below it to get the 300 Midas, so the next thing is to click on Buy Midas and wait for some time.  To check if you have been credited, go back to the platform, click on where you have your Email name that you registered with at the extreme right upper part, you will see a Menu that says MANAGE BURN-OUT. Click on it and scroll down you will see your 300 Midas there, the next thing to do is to click on activate Burn-out, follow the instructions that will come up next and there you have your 300 Midas activated for Burnout. Congratulations as you will now be earning Dividend from the company forever as long as more people are doing their burnout.


Now that you are now a business partner with the company, you will be provided many business opportunities that will allow you to make money even while you sleep, we call it put your money to work while you face other things. They are listed below!!


This is the combination of Eight Companies that come up together and pay you 20% weekly every Monday on any amount invested with them. These companies are MIDAS, ZEN, XZC, NRG, PHR, DIVI, ESBC, BTC.  You pay to them in Bitcoin and they pay your return in Bitcoin too. If you see a delay in your return payment on Monday, check on Tuesday it will definitely be there


This section allows you to buy shares from different companies according to your taste and desire, you will see different companies there offering different share yield annually, this ranges from 100%, 200% 400%, 900% and so on. You will look at any company you like e.g Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litcoin, Dash Midas and so on… They offer this investment packages based on APY (  Annual Profit Yield) but they based it also on a weekly payment, which makes it a good investment. They did this so that you can have access to your money at any time you feel like using it. Go there today and invest with peace of mind,  they have been in existence for many years now and have been doing well but it’s only the big people with big money that have been investing with them before now because  the cost of investing in Masternode is huge but they came up with another better plan where crowd can pool funds together and  invest in the  Masternode  investments that is managed by their  professionals,  things has change now has they have  made it more easier for us to invest with as little has $600 to$1000 and more.  You can invest with them but they have a policy that before you can join them you have to buy at least 300 Midas coin to be a share holder for life in the  company from where you  will be getting returns for life on daily bases from the company as they grow  and  optionally lock another 350 Midas coin in the platform. This lockup allow you to do everything on the site free of charge without you  been  charged any commission but if you  buy the shares alone and  did  the  burnout explained above  and  didn’t do the lock up, you  will be  charged small fees for all your activities but you  will be able to invest with another new money apart from the shares you  bought or if you  refer others who joined and  do their burnout too you  will earn from that as well.

Note once again that all these things will only be made available to you after you have done your Burn-out with the company which gives you consistent income from the company daily as they make progress.


What is Fline Btc Usd Bot?

Fline Bimex bot is the algorithmic trading instrument on the Bitmex exchange that trades XBT/USD pair ( BTC to USD). Bitmex allows both to make long and short trades on Bitcoin prices. It uses x1 leverages both on longs and shots. The bot combines the immersive volatility of crypto market with low-risk leverages to maximize the long-term risk reward strategy.

 The concluding part of this is that this software trades for you on Bitmex and return your profit to your account, where you can place withdrawal any time you want it.

If you have any further questions or you still want to know more about the investment site you can visit this sites, In this place you will see their Market capital, the value of one of their coin in real time, their progress and lots more  https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/midas/ or https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/midas and if you still have further questions and more clarification you can chat me up on this whattsapp group https://chat.whatsapp.com/JDU6dhAJlAV3LGZQjfE2tQ.

Activate your Burn-out here: https://midas.investments/burnout?p=LR0qenuNcu 

CONCLUSION: If you are interested in having more investment opportunities directly sent to you, you can send us a mail as we will be unveiling some more opportunities as they come, and it will be based on interest, so if you are interested send us a mail, and we will send you more opportunities as they come, Some opportunities does not require much capital, but you have to be informed and that is why we are here, we search the web, we pay for information, we execute it, if it proven to be legit then we send it out for people to benefit. Making money is by choice,  and the choice is knowing about the real opportunity.   Stay Blessed and have a wonderful day.

Note: It is good we make ourself clear to our visitors that we are not your financial advisor and so we will not be held responsible for any loss or gain you incurred on any of the cryptocurrency investment you see from our website, please always do your own personal research before investing your money on any projects. Thanks for your understanding 

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